The first event dedicated to electric mobility

Excellent results for the second edition, which has confirmed the event as a reference appointment and guide of the debate on smart mobility in our country.

2.355 professional operators visiting the event had the chance to discover what of most innovative the market has to offer in terms of products and solutions as well getting in touch with the key players in the e-mobility sector thanks to the moments of general deepening with specifics moments of discussion and dialogue.

The main event dedicated to electric mobility

That’s Mobility is the first B2B show dedicated to the promotion and the develop of the electric mobility industry that daily deal with new mobility experiences which are increasingly flexible, integrated, secure, on demand and with low environmental impact.



The Smart Mobility Report presentation and the whole series of events covering specific topics with companies and professionals are an unmissable opportunity for those who want to catch up on the trends of the mobility towards the Smart mobility.


Authority and expertise

That’s Mobility is the unique event that offers exclusive market analysis, an overview on future trends and networking business opportunities thanks to the experience of Reed Exhibitions, the world’s leading events organiser and the scientific approach of the Energy Strategy Group from Politecnico di Milano, active in research projects, advisory and training on technologies and markets in the field of renewable energies, energy efficiency, smart grids and environmental sustainability.

The Smart Mobility Report

What are the trends of the Smart Mobility? Will we be able to achieve the goals set by the PNIEC? What are the drivers and the barriers to the private and company level in Italy?


One of the main objective of That’s Mobility is to support and promote new business opportunities for its exhibitors. Develop your contacts network!


That’s Mobility is the best place to build up contents and relations between companies coming from different sectors of the electric and sustainable mobility.

Smart Mobility Report

Investigating the current market status

Analysis of technology trends

Analysis of the expected technical and economic characteristics of the storage systems fitted to electric vehicles.

Market Analysis

Oversee the evolution of the "smart mobility" market in Italy and around the world , with a focus on "electrification", "sharing" and  "autonomous driving" trends and the related developments of the public and private charging infrastructure.

Analysis of the regulatory framework

Analysis of the economic and  environmental impact associated with the use of different types of "sustainable" vehicles (electric, methane, hydrogen) instead of "traditional" engines, with particular attention to the regulatory framework that sets incentives in the "smart mobility” sector.

Understanding the market development potential

Private recharge

Analyse drivers and barriers to the diffusion of private recharge in Italy analysing both the extend of the offer and the point of view of the " demand"(condominium administrators, private users, etc.

Corporate electric mobility

Analyse drivers and barriers to the diffusion of electric mobility at company level in Italy analysing both the extend of the offer and the point of view of the "
(fleet manager, mobility manager, etc.

Spread potentials

Analyse the dissemination potential of different forms of mobility (electric and non electric) in Italy and the impact on the achievement of the objectives set by the